At Capistrano Valley Toyota, enjoy new car vibes by trading in your old vehicle. You can avoid the hassles of selling to flaky buyers and hoping their payments are legit. Just bring your vehicle to our dealership, and we'll turn its remaining value into credit for your purchase. Or, if easier, simply complete our handy online appraisal form, and we'll get you a quick estimated valuation.

Won't selling to someone directly get more?

If you're looking only at the initial gain, selling your old vehicle to a private individual will get you more money. A person can offer up to the high Blue Book value for your car. We can only give you the wholesale worth because we need to resell your trade-in for profit. But if you're looking at saving money over time, a trade-in can be the way to go because it lowers your loan amount, monthly installment, total interest, and total cost.
Example: A $35,000 purchase at 3 percent Annual Percentage Rate over 48 months the monthly payment reaches $775 with total interest at $2,186 and the full price at $37,186. If you offer a trade-in valued at $7,000,your monthly payment descends to $620 with interest at $1,749 and the total amount at $29,749. You save$7,437 over the previous no-trade-in option.

How much will I get for my trade-in?

The most convenient way to value your trade is by filling out our handy online Appraisal Form from the comfort of home or office. It asks for your contact information plus details on your car, right down to the upholstery condition and service history. One of our appraisal specialists will then get back to you as soon as possible with a value.
Among the factors we use in calculating the worth of your vehicle are its year, make, model, mileage, features, condition, and the current market. While optional, cleaning and making minor repairs can increase its value. Conversely, it's typically not worth spending money on significant fixes because you may not get that investment back. We have certified automotive technicians who can handle such issues with factory-approved replacements.

What can be done to get the highest value for a trade-in?

You can start by increasing the visual appeal with a thorough cleaning inside and out. Then remove any extraneous items, such as toys or spare shoes. Include the original documents, such as the owner's manual and multimedia instructions. Finally, submit all the service records, and if in good shape, the vehicle will command a higher price and a higher trade-in value.

What if I still have financing?

A paid-off vehicle is ideal for trade-in because it has no liens on it, and, as a sole owner, it's up to you as to what you do with the vehicle. If there is an existing loan on it, that is no problem if you have positive equity. We can then use whatever equity you have as a credit on your new car.
Negative equity, or going underwater, is when you owe more money on the financing than the vehicle is worth. This process generally happens because new cars depreciate by up to 30 percent in the first year. If you don't figure this loss of value into your financing, you'll owe more money on the loan when your purchase depreciates inthat first year.

Buy Your Car from Us Today

For questions about trading in your current vehicle or interest in buying a new car, SUV, truck, or van, you can contact us at Capistrano Valley Toyota. We have a large selection of new and used vehicles you can choose from and can offer you all kinds of trade-in options that work within your budget.
When you want to get a head-start on car-buying, then get pre-qualified before you visit us. Just fill out the convenient online form. We can then check your credit ahead of time and advise the sum you'll be qualified for financing. You can then confine your browsing and buying to vehicles that fit your loan offering.